Tired mama, sleepless baby?

Let us read your baby to sleep.

If you have a tired baby, then you’re going to be tired too.

So how can you enjoy a relaxing ritual for your baby’s bedtime, so you can have plenty of time to rest, too?

Introducing 10 to 12 Baby Lounge Audible Bedtime Stories.

Watch your little one slip easily into slumber, while listening to these 2-minute-long audio tales.

Meanwhile, you can unwind and take a moment of tranquility with your baby. And you get to indulge in the most intimate bonding experience with your infant at the same time.

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Liam the Lion audible story now!

You can relax as your baby drifts off into a peaceful sleep listening to our animal

story that rhymes like a lullaby.


“A baby brand has to be creative; mindful of what can be beautiful for moms, as well as babies, and interesting for them both.

“The stories 10to12 Baby Lounge created, and the characters they designed, I love this whole feature.”

-Victoria Profeta, Los Angeles

10 to 12 Baby Lounge Audible Bedtime Stories rhyme like lullabies so they are soothing and calming for your infant.

Featuring a host of globetrotting animal friends, each character is traveling and searching for something important to them. Did you know a baby’s instinct to help others starts to reveal itself a lot sooner than you know it? In fact, infants hit a number of major development milestones from the moment they are born until they’re three months old.

Why 10 to 12 Baby Lounge Audible Bedtime Stories?

10 to 12 Baby Lounge Audible Bedtime Stories are designed to nurture your child’s caring side and promote that development.

Helping your little one to build an unbreakable bond with a storybook friend early in life is one of the best gifts you can give them.

And at the same time, you can build as important a bond between you and your baby.

From our founder Amanda Shi-Werts…

“Bedtime stories are one of the best ways to relax and calm your baby and get them to sleep just when you want them to. How do I know this? Because when I was a new mom, it was a technique I used time and again. And it worked! Plus, I got so much enjoyment myself out of telling these stories to my twins.”

What are the secrets to a great sleep story for your child?
*Rhyme like lullaby.
*Read with a slow, calming, and relaxed voice.
*Use a low-pitched voice.

10 to 12 Baby Lounge's series of audible bedtime stories explore themes storylines encouraging acceptance, empathy, and kindness. And they will instill into your baby and child’s subconscious essential values.

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